COVID-19 Ministry Update

There's obviously been a lot changing in Alberta due to Covid-19. One of those changes is the mandate toward social distancing and places of worship in Alberta being asked to stop meeting in person. Along with this, Landmark Cinemas has closed its doors and paused our contract with them for now. This means that we will not be meeting together at the theater for our services for the next little while. We want to do our part as God's people to help slow down the spread of covid-19 for the safety of the vulnerable in our city. We've been working on a plan which will evolve somewhat over the coming weeks. We've decided on this starting point and hope to build on it as we come up with new ideas and see how things go. 

Our Plan for Sunday Services


We are asking everyone to continue setting aside 10am on Sunday mornings to join together online in order for us to worship together. It will be be different at first but will carry significant value as we are united at that time each week, wherever we are, in worship and prayer. We will be "premiering" our worship service on YouTube each week at 10am. What this means is that at exactly 10am our worship service will begin. We will all be watching and participating in everything at the exact same time. Our online service will have encouragement, praise, prayer, teaching and communion. Instructions for Online Worship: Simply click on the Service Video before 10am and it will take you to the video's "Watch Page" where you can wait for it to automatically start playing. It will begin at 10am sharp so our recommendation is to log into YouTube early and simply have the screen up and ready. We encourage casting it to a TV if possible through apple tv, chrome tv, smart tv or other device. If you don't have this capability then you can usually connect your laptop to your tv through hdmi or simply watch on your phone or computer. If you don't have the ability to watch through YouTube at all please let us know so we can get the video to you in a different format. Don't forget that we will partake in Communion together during our service. If you would like to participate you will need to have your own juice and bread ready at home. Click Here to view the recipe for the unleavened bread that we use on Sundays. If you are able to bake your own then feel free to give it a try (you likely won't need the full recipe). If you aren't able to bake some then you are welcome to use regular bread as well. Click Here to visit our YouTube page and subscribe to be notified each Sunday when our service is about to "premiere".

Connection Groups


For the time being our groups will unfortunately not be meeting in person. They will, however, be meeting online in order to stay connected with each other and continue studying together. They will be meeting through "Zoom" which allows multiple people to meet with live video and audio. Right now we have groups meeting online on Tuesday and Friday evenings. We want to invite anyone who isn't in a group currently to join in on these and stay connected to other Christians throughout this time. Simply send an email to and we'll be sure to connect you with these virtual face to face gatherings. 




We know there are many concerns about how everything happening will impact our economy and our finances. Some of us will be, or already have been, directly impacted. These concerns also impact our church so we wanted to be sure to remind you of our continued financial needs throughout this time. Since we will not be having a contribution each Sunday it will be important for us to be diligent in our efforts to worship in this way. You are able to GIVE ONLINE or through e-transfer ( at any time.




We want to remind you that we are a family and are here to support one another. Whether through prayer, encouragement or physical provision. We invite and encourage your participation in supporting others in our church that have need as well as asking for support if it is needed. We want to make sure you know that you are not alone. Please email the church or one another at any point if you are in need of anything.




Lastly, but most importantly, we want to request your engagement and participation in prayer throughout the coming weeks. Please be diligent in your commitment to prayer throughout this time. This includes our united time in prayer on Sundays (as stated above) and also our daily routine of prayer. Be in prayer for those that are suffering physically, financially and emotionally throughout this time. Be in prayer for healthcare professionals and our government who have the unenviable task of guiding us through all this. And be in prayer for the Church. This means our church, the churches in our surrounding area, churches in Calgary, Canada and the rest of the world. We are navigating ourselves through this time with all of them. 

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