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Kids are a very important part of the Northern Hills Church community as we have many young families and children that make up our church. We don't just believe they are the hope and future of the church, we believe they are an integral part of the church right now. For this reason we do our best to invest in them, helping them to grow in the Lord. We look forward to having your child in our Sunday morning classes with us and are really looking forward to helping them learn more about the Bible and Jesus.


Sunday's for Ages 0-5

Our nursery and toddler space is set up every Sunday in one of the theater's party rooms. Parents with babies and toddlers are welcome to utilize this space with their kids. There is a foam floor for toddlers to crawl and play and lots of toys and books to keep them entertained. We also have the worship service streaming in the nursery so that parents don't need to miss out on anything. At the moment we do not have supervision in our nursery as many of our babies are still too young to be without their parents. We will be re-evaluating regularly throughout the year. We currently have volunteers willing to supervise so if this is something you would utilize simply send us an email and we can set-up supervision.

Sunday's for Grades K-6:

Kids at this age are active and creative; growing and bursting with ideas. This year our "older" kids will learn how each story in scripture connects to God’s big story, and ultimately points to Jesus. Our kids curriculum will journey through many different subjects and they are each connected to a specific book of the Bible. Our teachers will be teaching each book of the Bible in 4 week blocks and you will be able to follow along and participate in your child's learning as the teachers will provide your child with a take home card each week. This card will provide you with the "Big Idea" they focused on that day, some suggestions to help them deepen their learning and the key verse for that 4 week subject which
they will be encouraged to memorize (One every 4 weeks).

Sundays for Grades 7 and Up

Although we do not have classes on Sunday for our youth it does not mean that we do not have them and their faith in mind. As a way to engage and involve our youth in who we are as a church and encourage their faith they are invited and encouraged to get involved in serving on Sunday mornings. Most of our youth help with things such as set-up, kids class helper, nursery supervision, audio/visual, music etc. If your teen would like to join one of these serve teams, they would be more than welcome. Please email with questions and to sign up. 


Events and Activities

Besides our Sunday ministry we also have many other ways to engage our kids and youth and help them grow faith. We have weekly Connection Groups that many of our kids long for and look forward to as they get to be part of community building friendships with other kids. We also have many events and activities for both the youth of our church and our surrounding community throughout the year. These include Summer Day Camps, Annual Easter Carnival, Christmas Party, Ice Fishing Day, Summer Fishing Day as well as church camping trips and retreats that many of our kids love.

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