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Membership covenant

At Northern Hills we feel that commitment and unity are essential to being God's church and moving forward with Him leading. We've clearly defined the role of a member for the purpose of greater commitment and unity between us, and for us to have more clear direction as we live out our faith within the church. To become a member of Northern Hills Church, and to formally join us in our efforts toward God's purposes, we ask that you print and sign your name below (one adult per form). You can either hand this sheet to a staff member, a Sunday morning connection volunteer, place it in the contribution basket/bin on a Sunday, or scan and email to


As a member of Northern Hills Church, i will be committed to the following…


UNITY - I will work toward unity in all things with my brothers and sisters in Christ as we pursue the mission, vision, and values of Northern Hills Church together under the guidance and direction of our leadership.


LOVE – Without Godly love we will be nothing more than a resounding gong (I Cor 13). Whoever does not love does not know God, for God is love (I John 4:8). I commit to loving my fellow members and my church leadership, but I also commit to striving for a Godly love and concern for all those around me in the world who are hurting, broken, lost, and in need of Christ. Even in our disagreements, and especially in our conflict, love must always reign.


BELIEF – I have given my life to Christ through baptism and I am in agreement with the core beliefs of Northern Hills Church in relation to God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Church, and Salvation. I desire to let these beliefs shape and guide my actions and direction in life.


DISCIPLESHIP – I believe it's God’s desire of his followers, and His mission for our church, to be disciples who are making other disciples. I will pursue my own growth and transformation as a disciple of Jesus and will strive to intentionally disciple other people God places in my path at work/school, in my neighbourhood, and those within my church family.


RELATIONSHIP – Northern Hills Church believes that discipleship begins with, and takes place in, relationship. For this reason I will intentionally strive to establish and grow relationships with others providing a foundation for me to engage in discipleship with them. I will make every effort to be involved in a connection group of Northern Hills Church understanding that they provide one of our best opportunities  for accomplishing both relationship and discipleship.


VALUES – I understand and desire to shape my life around the core values of Northern Hills Church which are Prayer, Action, Change, Intentionality, and Transparency. I will not be perfect in living them out, but will strive to grow these areas of my life and faith, and will aim to support these values as I participate in the ministry of Northern Hills Church.


PARTICIPATION – I will strive always to be a contributing member of Northern Hills Church through the use of my spiritual gifts, the sharing of my financial resources, and a commitment to our large Sunday gatherings.


Please Note: Becoming a member of Northern Hills Church does not imply that all these elements are totally “in place” in your life, but it is a statement that you are in agreement with their importance and that you are attempting to move towards their integration in your life.





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To print and fill out a copy of this covenant you can click the button below...

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