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At the beginning of 2020 we were made aware of a ministry need in the country of Panama through Lifeline Christian Mission. A young missionary named Romoldo, who was helping to lead and encourage the many small village church plants in Panama that are supported by Lifeline, was in need of partnership. Northern Hills Church has partnered with Romoldo in his ministry in Panama helping to provide monthly finances as well as encouragement.

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In the spring  of 2016 one of our members began serving with Lifeline Christian Mission in Haiti. Later that year, in August, hurricane Matthew came through and devastated a large portion of Haiti leaving even more people without homes. We discovered a ministry through Lifeline Christian Mission where we could build a house for a family with just $5,000. We held a special contribution and our youth held a fundraiser and we ended up with more than the $5,000 needed to provide a family with a new home.  In August 2017 we were able send a mission team of 11 people from our church in order to go and help build a house for a family in need of one and they also were able to help in the many ministries of Lifeline in the country, including handing out meals that were sent in containers from churches in Canada and the USA.  Since then we have begun planning meal packing events in order to provide the hungry in Haiti with much needed nutrition and love. 


In the Summer of 2016 we were able to begin sponsoring a student in Zambia through Zambia Mission Fund Canada. Since then we have been sending monthly support to help cover her school fees allowing her the opportunity to receive an education and health through the school programs. Our student, Lenty Mundia, is currently in her grade 12 year and we were recently able to send a package to her introducing ourselves to her and sending her our love. We have also received multiple letters from her over the years letting us know how things are going and thanking us for the support.

letter from our sponsored student

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