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At Northern Hills Church, our mission and vision hinge on relationship. We believe it's essential to living a life of faith and especially to sharing our faith. Sunday morning celebrations are important and valuable, however they only provide a small opportunity and window during the week to connect with each other, start new relationships, and build relationships. For this reason it is essential to accomplishing our mission as a church, for us to be connecting regularly outside of Sunday morning.  All of the members of Northern Hills Church are involved in a weekly connection group, and all of our guests, or those interested, are welcome and encouraged to explore and connect to a group as well. All our groups are always open and they always have room. Their purpose is to grow and multiply once they become too large for a home. It's an opportunity to share life with others and grow in faith. Our groups meet in each others homes in various neighborhoods across the NW on various nights. Once exploring the groups below and finding one that interests you at this point in your life and schedule, you can simply click a button and send a quick note to the leader of that group and they will connect to answer any questions and help you plug in.

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