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At Northern Hills Church, our mission and vision hinge on relationship. We believe it's essential to living a life of faith and especially to sharing our faith. Sunday morning celebrations are important and valuable, however they only provide a small opportunity and window during the week to connect with each other, start new relationships, and build relationships. For this reason it is essential to accomplishing our mission as a church, for us to be connecting regularly outside of Sunday morning. Our Connection groups provide a balance of both Bible focused study and relationship which help us to actively engage in discipleship with one another.

We currently have 2 in-person connection groups that are starting fall 2021 and anyone can join at any time throughout the year. These groups meet on Thursday and Friday evenings. We also have an online Men's Group and a Women's Group, as well as monthly in-person meetings for youth. The online groups for men and women are more geared toward a brief weekly spiritual check-up. They last 45 minutes and are simply meant to give men and women the opportunity to check-in with one another and pray for one another. Anyone is welcome to join one of these online check-up groups or our youth activities at any point throughout the year.  

Email our Church office if you would like more details or to join in.

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