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We know that it isn't easy walking into a new Church where you don't know anyone. It's also a big challenge to try and learn who we are and how we do things. Some people prefer to take their time in doing this and some people prefer to jump right in as quickly as possible. Wherever you find yourself on this spectrum we want to help you on that path and make it as comfortable and simple as possible for you. Our Lead Pastor, Peter Roberts, would love to directly answer any questions or concerns that you have. You can simply check a box below to share how you would prefer to connect with him.


You can choose "Email" in order to start a conversation with Peter through email. Choose "Phone" in order to schedule a phone call with him. Choose "Coffee" in order to schedule a coffee appointment and choose "Meal" if you would like to join Peter and his family for lunch or dinner at their house. They would love to have you over for a meal!

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