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What's Happening at Northern Hills Church?


Special Announcement 

If you weren't at our service on Sunday and you haven't had the chance to watch the service on our YouTube page yet, we want to make sure that you hear the announcement that was made during service. We are excited to announce that we have been in discussion with another church in our area about joining together with them as one church. Rather than operate as two separate small churches on our own with the same mission, we've been discussing what it would look like to pool our resources and our people in order to have a greater impact in our communities in the northern hills of Calgary. A decision has not been made yet but we have decided that we will do 3 things as we prayerfully consider taking this step. First off, we are going to have services together with Hope Church beginning June 19th through the summer in order to worship together and get to know one another. They will be joining us for worship at Landmark Cinemas beginning June 19th. Secondly, we are planning some joint ministry with them through the summer. We will host a community Stampede Breakfast together on July 10th and we are hosting two simultaneous kids day camps the week of July 18-22. Lastly we have assembled a team of 6 (3 from each church) to begin meetings where we will discuss all of the specific details that need to be sorted out if we are to become one church together in September. A final decision will be made by mid August. If you would like to watch the full announcement with more details you can WATCH HERE. If you would like to watch Hope Church's service where they made the same announcement you can WATCH HERE


Last Call for our Lunch to honor Jamie and Kathy Hunka: June 12th at 12pm

On May 1st, our Teaching Pastor, Jamie Hunka, announced that he will be taking a 6 week paternity leave beginning June 1st. He has completed his graduate studies and will be pursuing a full-time pastoral ministry job which means he is unlikely to return as our Teaching Pastor in July. We are extremely grateful for the many years of service Jamie has contributed to NHC helping to build ministry and build faith in all those who have been a part of NHC. We will be having a Celebration Lunch in honor of Jamie on June 12th immediately following our service (12pm). It will be at the Roberts' residence (email the office for address). Everyone who has been blessed by Jamie and Kathy are welcome and encouraged to attend. Please RSVP by emailing before 10am on Saturday, June 11th.

Summer Fun Camp Volunteers Needed: July 18th-21st, 2022

One of the exciting things we'll be doing with Hope Church this summer is helping them to host a Community Stampede Breakfast in cooperation with the Nolan Hill Community Association. This breakfast will take place from 11am-2pm on July 10th but set-up will begin at 8am that morning. We are looking for volunteers to help with both setting up and manning stations such as inflatables and food distributing. If you are able to help out with this awesome event on July 10th, please email the office. 

Mission Team coming from Southland Christian Church: July 16th-24th

Southland Christian Church (from Kentucky) will be returning to work with us this summer! They are sending another team of youth to work alongside us and partner with us in our mission here in these Calgary communities. This means that our Summer Kids Day Camp will be returning as well. Please mark this week on your calendar. There will be many ministry activities planned and we'd love to have our members join in with Southland Christian Church as we seek to make Jesus known in our community.

Billet Houses Needed

In connection with the Youth Team coming from Southland Christian Church on July 16th, we will be needing 2 or 3 homes to host the team, giving them a place to sleep. If you have the space and are willing to host some of the team then please email the office to let us know! 

Register for Summer Camps

Summer Camp is back! Don't forget to register for one of Pine Lake's summer camps. There are lots of options for kids and youth but there are also options for adults including family camps and both a ladie's and men's retreat. Visit to get more info and to register.

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